Q: Can I use any frying oil in my Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™?

Yes, except for any frying oil that solidifies when it is cool or cold.


Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount of oil you can use in the Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™?

The minimum is 3 ½ quarts of oil. The maximum is 5 quarts. Both measurements are engraved on the stem of the heating element of your Fryer. Never allow the oil level in your fryer to exceed 5 quarts.


Q: How long does my Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™ take to heat to 385°?

3 ½ quarts of oil will take around 13 minutes.
5 quarts of oil will take around 19 minutes.


Q: When must I use the Safety Extension Sleeve?

Ron recommends using the Safety Extension Sleeve all the time but it absolutely must be used whenever your recipe calls for using more than 3 ½ quarts of oil or when frying large foods (such as a whole turkey, ribs, whole chicken etc…) as well as when frying specific foods such as French Fries, Always follow your recipe instructions.


Q: Can I reuse the oil that’s in my fryer multiple times?

Yes! Like Ron does in his own kitchen, you can reuse your oil multiple times! Just keep the new or used oil inside your Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™ with the lid on top and keep the fryer on your countertop plugged in until you’re ready to fry again. There is no need to filter your oil or clean your Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™ after each use.


Q: Can I add new oil to the existing used oil before frying?



Q: How long do you recommend using the same frying oil before cleaning the oil with the included oil filters and included funnel?

About one month depending on other factors such as food, time, heating temperature and quantity of oil.


Q: How do I clean my Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™?

All parts* are dishwasher safe except for the Electrical Control Box with attached heating element. The Control Box should never be put under water. The heating element can be washed with warm, soapy water but do not allow the Electrical Control Box to get wet! Wipe it down with a wet cloth and dry with a paper towel.


Q: How can I tell when my used oil is not usable anymore?

Oil will smell bad, start to smoke when heated and / or the color of the oil will be dark, not clear.